Center Store News for August 2014

I’m happy to introduce you to our new Near West Center Store Team Leader, Megan Kenna! Megan is originally from Loogoote In, currently lives in Bloomfield, and joined our happy Bloomingfoods family last month.  Her primary responsibilities are to manage grocery inventory, supervise staff and make sure the store looks great.  Megan brings with her much experience (Whole Foods in Tennessee) and enthusiasm!  Say hi next time you see Megan at the West Store, she’s anxious to get to know you!

Locally brewed Uel Zing ready to drink refrigerated coffee has been flying off the shelves at all locations!  And now we’re ready to give the 32 oz CONK a try!  CONK is Sam’s coffee concentrate; you can find some recipes for it at

Evolution Fresh is a new line of cold-pressed juices that we’re bringing in to the East, Elm Heights and Near West locations.  They’re really delicious and different.  Check out their website for some crazy recipes and also to print out a $1 off coupon.
And some more new items to try:  Vino de Milo sauces, J.B.’s salsas and Good Greens Bars. Vino de Milo sauces are made in Athens, Ohio and are pretty delicious!  So far I’ve tried the Triple Olive Puttanesca Sauce (there are whole olives in this!) and the Moroccan Marinara Sauce (I simmered some chicken breasts and market fresh zucchinis in it.)  Yummy….

J.B.’s Best Salsas, also made in Athens, Ohio, are made from only Ohio grown ingredients and a “splash of tequila.”
Good Greens claims to provide 100% of your daily fruits and veggies, is vegan and gluten-free, provides  omega 3′s, has 12 g protein, 3 probiotics, 40 antioxidants per bar and uses no trans fats, no dairy, no refined sugars/additives/preservatives, and has a  low glycemic index.  Perfect for your lunch on the go!

More raw milk products at the East Store: Check out Sommherr raw goat milk cheese, milk and butter! From Worthington, Indiana we are selling Sommherr raw goat milk products in our pet food refrigerator at the East Store.   Customer response has been fantastic!  Give it a try!

It came to our attention by the manufacturer that our pricing on her products was incorrect (too high.)  And, she was right.  So take a look at the Gaia Natural Cleaners again; the pricing may certainly be more appealing to you!


Martha Philion
Grocery Merchandiser

Garden Center News

Now at the Garden Center

Now that your garden harvest is in full swing, and summer is coming to an end, that’s just about it for your garden, right?  No way! If you’ve never tried a winter harvest garden, you could be in for a real treat.

Last winter was the harshest in many years, but underneath my row covers and inside my cold frame I grew kale, Swiss chard, mâche, and claytonia. What a treat to have absolutely the freshest greens in the coldest months of the year!  All it takes is a little planning.

To help you make this happen, the East Bloomingfoods Garden Center has several weights and widths of row cover and frost blanket in bulk. Just measure your raised bed and come get just as much cover as you need.  We also carry heavy gauge wire for making the hoops, as well as readymade cold frames.

As always, the bulk seed jars offer almost 70 basic vegetable varieties at an extremely economical price. We welcome suggestions of other varieties you’d like us to carry. Our staff, gardeners themselves, can help you pick which seeds to grow this time of year.

The Garden Center still has a wonderful selection of perennial landscaping plants which should go in the ground soon. And the fall mums have just arrived.  Be sure to visit the Patio Room for our low-light, easy maintenance houseplants (perfect for a dorm room or apartment, too.)

When it’s time to rake leaves, instead of putting them out by the street, why not save them inside a chicken wire fence next to your compost barrel. We have the fencing you need, and just got in a new supply of Earth Machine composters. Why pay for compost when you can make your own from yard “waste” and kitchen “scraps?”  It’s the green thing to do, and will save you some green, too.

Putting mulch around you roses and other landscape plants will help prevent frost heaving and other damage. We still have local hardwood mulch in bulk. We can load your pickup truck or trailer, help you fill your Rubbermaid tote, or we can deliver.

The East Garden Center’s summer hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., open daily. You can also always bring plants, sprouting seed, hydroponics, pottery, potting soil and bird seed into the grocery.

Happy fall and winter gardening!  But now is the time to get started.

Written by Chris Bobbitt

July Grocery News

Snowville Creamery is an Ohio dairy production facility and farm located southeast of Columbus, Ohio.  And, we are so excited to be carrying their yogurts!  Snowville works with several dairy farmers in Southeastern Ohio whose cows are pasture raised and grass fed.  Here are a few excerpts from their website

As of April 2014, Snowville Creamery is only sourcing raw milk from cows that are fed Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) free feed! While the farms we work with provide their cows with a daily diet of about 75% pasture or preserved grass, they also can feed the cows an average of 10 pounds of grain per day. Feeding some grain helps to ensure the cows get their required amounts of energy and protein daily. And now all of this feed is made up of only GMO free ingredients.

Snowville Product Philosophy

- GOOD:  Snowville Creamery milk tastes delicious because it comes from grass fed cows and is pasteurized at the lowest possible temperature, preserving the flavor and nutrition. It is not homogenized, allowing the cream to rise to the top.
- CLEAN:  The milk we get from our farmers is from cows that graze on pasture. We only use milk from cows not treated with rBST and no antibiotics are allowed in the milk.
- FAIR:  We pay our farmers a premium above the government mandated market price and we pay our workers a living wage.


We use milk from grass grazed cows because it is better for:
- THE COWS:  Grass is their natural diet. Grazing improves their physical fitness.
- THE ENVIRONMENT:  Grass grazing builds soil, prevents erosion, protects water and reduces air pollution.
- AND YOU:  Milk from grass grazed cows is higher in omega 3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)

 I’ve never tasted anything like their dessert yogurts!  “These rich dessert yogurts are cup-set, which means that the yogurt cultures do their work after the container is already filled. This results in a delicious layer of sweet yogurt-cultured cream that sits on the top of yogurt in the cup. Each of these three truly unique flavors has its own exotic flavor that will tantalize your taste buds like never before!” 

At the Near West store we are introducing the Snowville line with these choices:
6% Plain, 1% Vanilla, 2% Gingamon, and the Coffee Cardamom Cream and Turmeric Mace Cream Top Dessert Yogurts.

The 3rd Street store will also be carrying a few flavors to introduce Snowville to our East customers with these products:  Crème Fraiche, Turmeric Mace and Coffee Cardamom Cream Top Dessert Yogurts.

CAPSHEW CELLARS is another new vendor of ours located in Lanesville in southern Indiana.  Bob Capshew met with a few of us last month to share his story and his vinegars.  I’ve never been to a vinegar tasting before, but I sure would go to another one!  “Southern Indiana native Bob Capshew began fermenting beers more than 25 years ago, and then expanded to wines and ciders. Initially he thought the move to vinegar production would be easy, but found little information and very few mentors so he turned to old textbooks and adapted modern equipment and techniques to the slow-aging process. His black cherry, pear and red wine vinegars are among over 20 different flavors he currently produces. If it can be fermented, chances are Bob has tried it at least once. Tomatoes, thyme, watermelon, carrots, grapes, apples and pears have all been used in his creations. In his quest for high quality and unusual ingredients, Bob gathers apples and pears from his own land and neighbors’ properties to press into juice on a small commercial cider press.” (from the Indiana Artisan website Bob is proud of his small batch vinegars, his recognition as an Indiana Artisan but shows equal, if not more, pride in his graduation from Bloomington’s old Elm Heights School.  Bob’s vinegars are unique and so delicious!  Check them out!  We’re introducing the Capshew Cellars line at East, Elm Heights and Near West with the 5 oz. bottles.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy flavors like:  Pear, Garlic Red Wine, Ginger, Pepper, Malt and Garlic White Wine.


Bloomingfoods is pleased and proud to be the exclusive Indiana retailer of La Fleur d’amelie French Bordeaux wines.  We offer a 2012 White that has the perfect fruitiness for summer humidity with armoas of lime, pineapple and tropical fruits.  Our red offering is a 2010 Merlot blend with juicy fruit flavors of black currants and raspberries.  Regular retail prices are $15 and $19.  Your Bloomingfoods value price is $11.99!  Cheers !




Woodstock Farms Raffle!  Come by any of our locations to sign up to win a beautiful wooden wagon. This is Woodstock’s way of promoting the use of Non-GMO ingredients. 

Elm Heights Meat News

Summer is here! Grills are out, yards are mowed (maybe) and the beer is cold (hopefully). Is there a better time to be out in the backyard, drinking a cold beverage and grilling a well-marbled ribeye steak? I think not. Here a couple of suggestions to get your grill on...

First, come check out the Elm Heights Meat Counter, where you will find all the lastest and greatest from the farms that you’ve come to know and love: Dewig, Fischer, Gunthorp, Rice’s, and the list goes on.  Dewig ribeye and sirloin steaks are particularly good. These steaks are cut for the grill. This means that the fat cap has been left on, ensuring a flavorful, even-cooked cut. Delicious!

Also, we are carrying a lamb chop from Gunthorp Farms. These chops are cut in-house and would be an excellent way to spice up dinner.

For the kids! Come check out the Dewig all-beef franks. These are great for the little ones. Made from all beef, no fillers, no preservative, no hormones, no nothin’. Just the beef! Mmmmm.

Don’t forget about the fresh seafood. We have great items that would work perfectly for the grill.  Come try some of our tilapia. Doctor it up or just throw it on with a little EV olive oil. You won’t be sorry. Also for those who like salmon but would like to change it up just a bit. Try the Arctic Char. This fish is a relative of salmon but it is only found in cold, fresh water. This fish grills up much like salmon, but has a bit higher of a fat content (omega-3, omega-6) so the taste is outstanding.

Josh Hermes, Meat Buyer

Calzones at the Near West Side

The Near West Side deli is now offering hot calzones Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.  A whole calzone costs $6.99, and a half calzone costs $3.49.  The price includes a dipping sauce and a side.  Pepperoni (pepperoni, mozzarella cheese) and four-cheese (house-made herbed ricotta spread, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, and mozzarella cheese) are available daily, and the following additional options will alternate throughout the week:

Monday - Chicken, Red Onions, Smoked Gouda, and Mozzarella Cheese
Tuesday - Bacon, Spinach, Tomatoes, and Mozzarella Cheese
Wednesday - Ham, Cheddar Cheese, and Mozzarella Cheese
Thursday - Mushroom, Spinach, House-Made Herbed Ricotta Spread, and Mozzarella Cheese
Friday - Wild Card!

Dipping sauce choices are: house-made tomato sauce (the same sauce we use on our pizzas), house-made garlic butter, BBQ sauce, and ranch.

May 2014 Grocery News

We’re happy to introduce a few new items that we’ve brought in!  The fine folks at Omena Organics, Bob and Jane Weaver (shown left), are now supplying us with their organic canned beans (black, great northern, pinto, kidney, garbanzo and black eyed peas) that sell for $2.19 for a 15 oz can.   

And check out a very special new product at the East 3rd Street store:  Luke Rhodes' (shown right, at the market) raw milk!  By Indiana State law, raw milk must be labeled for Pet consumption.  So, that is exactly how it is labeled and it can be found in our fresh pet cooler.  Each ½ gallon jar sells for $5.99.

And in other pet news, you may want to treat your canine companions to a new special treat from Bo’s Bones. “We’ve been baking for dogs since 2003, focusing on making the best biscuit in the business. We honor our dogs and yours with the very best human-grade organic ingredients to promote health, well-being, and a satisfied dog… As always … THANK YOU for choosing Bo’s!”
Here’s another shout out to a product we introduced a couple of months ago that has found an immediate and passionate following!  UEL ZING coffee sells locally roasted cold brew coffee in at all 5 Bloomingfoods locations.   Owner of Uel Zing, Sam Sveen, uses locally roasted coffee from Quarrymen Coffee Roasting Company.  Give it a try!

Martha Philion
Grocery Buyer