Create-Your-Own Six-Pack, Design Our Label

We need a label for our specialty beer six-packs, the ones customers put together for themselves from our broad selection of specialty beers. So, lift your glass  – it’s contest time!

Contest Rules:

1. Winner will receive bragging rights and the satisfaction of knowing their label is stuck to the sides of every Create-Your-Own six-pack that Bloomingfoods sells. You’ll also win a gift card to use for whatever you might need for a contest celebration.

2.  Contestants must be Bloomingfoods Member-Owners at least 21 years of age.

3.  Email submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Friday, September 10th. CD-ROM submissions can be dropped off at any of the three Bloomingfoods locations. Compact disks become the property of BCS, and your name, phone number, and email address should be written on the disk.

4.  Label design must measure 3.5” x 5” in landscape format and be suitable for printing on white paper.

5.  File formats accepted are .pdf, .eps, .tiff, .jpg.

6.  Label design may incorporate both the Bloomingfoods name and logo (wheatshaft) and the Co+op, stronger together logo. Logos should be used in their original form and should not be altered or redrawn in any way. The logos are presented at the bottom of this posting.

7.  All submissions become the property of Bloomington Cooperative Services.

8. Contest judges are: Bloomingfoods beer buyers Jason Hill and Amelia Williams, Una Winterman from Local First Indiana, and Art Sherwood from the BCS board of directors.


Labels will be produced in-house using Adobe® Acrobat and a mid-grade, color laser printer. Bloomingfoods will overlay a 1.25” x .75” barcode and price image onto the winning label design prior to printing. Contestants may include space for the barcode if desired and/or incorporate a 4-digit price field somewhere in the design. BCS reserves the right to run the contest again at some point in the future, retiring the winning label to our archive.