New Wine Discounts Announcement

Hello Bloomingfoods epicureans! We would like to announce a new discount level for wine at both of our locations which sell wine. From now on there will be a 10% discount on all wine purchases of six “bottles” or more. What counts as a bottle? Any item which scans at the register as a package of wine, be it a box, bag or bottle of any size.

The only items which will not be eligible for this discount are wines which have been marked down by hand for closeout. You will know these markdown wines because all or part of the barcode will be blacked out or covered over by price stickers.

This is a permanent discount, but it is just in time for holiday entertaining and gives you the perfect opportunity to stock up in anticipation of those delightful drop-in visits during the season. You may also want to have an extra bottle of your favorite wines on hand to provide yourself and your friends with emergency relief from the shock, tension, and exhaustion associated with holiday procurements of durable and non-durable goods!

If you wish to make it easy to bring home such good value, please try one of our brightly-colored Bloomingfoods wine totes, which conveniently carry 6 standard 750 milliliter bottles without the cacophonous clanking you would experience in a regular bag or tote.


Jason Hill
Amelia Williams
Wine Buyers