Thanksgiving Wine Suggestions

The following wines can be found at both the East Store and the Near West Side Store, and are recommended for their excellent value and their compatibility with the kinds of varied fare with which most of us will be presented on Thanksgiving. Look for more detailed descriptions at the shelf to help you make your selections!

Organic Wines:
Girasole Zinfandel $11.99
Girasole Chardonnay $11.99
Augustinos Cabernet Sauvignon $12.99

Top Values:
Rivarey Tempranillo $7.99
Vini di Bacco Pinot Grigio $8.99

Traditional Turkey Day wines:
Tarrica Riesling $10.99
Tarrica Gewurztraminer $10.99

Bigger and Bolder:
Yalumba Unwooded Chardonnay $11.99
Yalumba Shiraz/Viognier $11.99

Local Local Local:
Butler Red Select $10.99
Butler White Select $10.99

Additionally, each of us will have several other wines to suggest that are unique to our locations, so please read the signs on the shelves and by all means ask us for our advice!

Cheers and With Gratitude,
Amelia Willams, Wine Buyer, East
Jason Hill, Wine Buyer, Near West Side