Spring Beer and Wine Deals

Here is a reminder about all the great deals we are offering on beer and wine at the east side Bloomingfoods! 


First, Bee Creek Brewery is located in Brazil, Indiana and we are happy to offer their Clay County Coffee Stout and Hoosier Honey Wheat for only $8.99 a six-pack.  We also have their Bee Creek Ale, a steal at only $7.99 a six-pack! This promotion is for a limited time only, so make sure you get to try some of their delicious beers at these great prices!  


Next, new to the east side beer and wine department is a case stack of Berghoff beers.  Berghoff Brewing Company, a Wisconsin based company, produces tasty beer at bargain prices.  We are carrying their Prairie Path Lager, Sundown Dark, and Pale Ale, all for only $6.99 a six-pack.


And last but not least, we still have many great wines at bargain prices.  Coming soon, Goat Door Chardonnay, from South African producer Fairview Winery.  This rich Chardonnay normally retails for around $12.99 a bottle but we got a great deal that we want to pass on to our customers, which brings the price down to only $5.99 a bottle! 



Whether Chardonnay or Cabernet is your cup of tea, come visit us at Bloomingfoods east side location and it will be our pleasure to help you find the perfect bottle!



Amelia Williams

Beer & Wine Buyer

Bloomingfoods East