Fall Wine News and Tasting Announcement

Hello everyone,

This is Matt Beall, the new beer & wine buyer at the East store. I have been having a great time getting to know all the folks who have dropped in with questions or who just wanted to say "hi." I am really looking forward to the upcoming season. Autumn is a great time to start expecting those big-body fall beers and, of course, red wine on the porch instead of the summery whites. Don’t go writing off the white wine just yet though, there are plenty of nice days and nights left before it really cools off.

Some new brews to announce include:
-the Rivercity Brewing Company line based in Lockland, OH. They are making some really tasty beers, and it is definitely worth picking up one of their sampler twelve packs.
-Oktoberfests are in full swing, and we have great selection ranging from Germany to our own Upland brewery, so don’t miss those.

New wines are always coming into stock.  Some of special note are the Teillery Winery's Organic Merlot, the La Marca Prosecco from Italy (which was one of the few proseccos to receive a score in the 90s and make Wine Spectator's top-100 list), and Stellar Winery's "Live A Little" white. Stellar wines are organic, fair trade and sulfite-free, and taste, well, stellar.

I'm also happy to announce at this time that the fall wine tasting will be Saturday October 15th from 5 to 8 pm. So come for the truckload sale, and stay for the wine.

Thanks for your time. Please stop in and talk beer and wine with me soon.