Pecorino Romano

ImagePecorino Romano, first made from sheep's milk over 2000 years ago, is a slightly salty, firm Italian cheese, excellent for grating. It works well as an ingredient in recipes, as it doesn't melt into strings when cooked. Mild renditions offer a nice addition to a cheese platter or with fruit, especially pears. Shave off slivers to enjoy with crusty bread and a glass of red wine!

This cheese has a wide production area, extending into southern Tuscany and also Sardegna, where the organization that oversees the it's production has its offices. Pecorino Romano is made from the milk of sheep that have grazed in pastures with particular combinations of grasses, and these impart specific flavors. It was of the first imported cheeses, as it travels and keeps well.

Pecorino Romano is an excellent source of protein, calcium, phosphorous, potassium, and magnesium. In Italy, it is often recommended to nursing mothers to enhance their milk and impart nutritional benefits.

Pecorino Romano should appear white with faint straw yellow overtones. When you get it home, store it in the cheese box in your refrigerator, wrapped in waxed paper (and then plastic) or aluminum foil, to keep it from drying out. When used as a grating cheese, consider combining with Parmigiano. Especially nice in greens-based pasta sauces, or as a ingredient in meatballs or stuffings. Adjust the salt in your recipe to account for the natural salty taste of this cheese.