Capriole's Fromage A'Trois Caliente Torta

New Torta from Capriole Farmstead Cheese!

ImageCapriole Farmstead’s new torta is perfect for the summertime: Fromage A’Trois Caliente Torta has some heat, just like the weather! Made locally in Greenville, Indiana.
With cilantro pesto, local lemon drop peppers, chipotle, garlic, and chilies, the final step in the making of this artisan cheese is a rub with paprika. It’s a beautiful thing.
Says Amber Towne, Bloomingfoods East cheese buyer: “Did I mention that we are the only retail store that sells this cheese? Yes, Capriole gave us first dibs! Come by and try some, I know you will love it...we do!”

(Can be found at the East store in the cheese case.)