Holiday Cheese Offerings - East Store

The East store is pleased to offer the following very special cheeses for your holiday tables.

Bleu des Causses
Bleu des Causses

A close cousin to Roquefort, the Bleu des Causses
is a cow's milk cheese, matured for 3 to 6 weeks
in the natural caves of the gorges du Tarn. The taste
is of summer pastures, soft and savoury. In the
winter this taste is more pronounced.
Drizzle with honey on warm crusty bread


Brillat Savarin with Papaya
Brillat Savarin with Papaya (for dessert)

Named for the renowned French gourmet, this
is  buttery and creamy cheese, with lemon
sour notes and velvety textures, they are
joined with fruity and sweet chunks of papaya.
The combination is spectacular, and perfect
for dessert. Pair with champagne or a Sancerre.



This goat's milk cheese has a characteristic tangy
taste combined with an unexpectedly mild taste.
The prolonged mild taste is perceived at every morsel.
The delicate creamy crust melts with the moist of
the texture. Camilla was the cutest and most imprudent
goat that was playing with the children on their way
back from the pastures.

Chaource AOC Fromi
Chaource AOC Fromi

A famous cheese of this region is the Chaource,
named after the village. The small, round soft
cheese made from cow's milk has the AOC seal,
maintaining its traditional production according to
strict quality criteria. If it is young, it tastes slightly
sour (a fruity savour with a touch of acidity).
However, it is creamy with a mushroom aroma.



Gres des Vosges
Gres des Vosges

The cheese is always decorated with a small
fern sprig. Smoothly pungent with a strong
aroma and notes of onion. Spreadable paste
that is soft and oozy. Sweeter whites pair nicely
with stinky cheeses; try a Gewurztraminer for some
sweet spice, or a Riesling for notes of honey.


Tomino da Padella
Tomino da Padella

This small cheese from Piedmont are made
with a mix of cow and sheep's milk. Slightly tangy
and mild, they have a thin rind and soft,
oozing interior. A traditional method of eating
them entails warming them in a pan until the interior
is completely liquid, held in by the rind.


Sourliette Tomme de Fedou
La Sourliette Tomme de Fedou
This 100% sheep milk cheese has a
beautiful, natural rind that develops as
it ages in damp cellars for 8 - 12 months.
The rind offers a mild earthiness to the
aroma and flavor of the cheese while the
interior has a firm texture and flavors
of hay and nuts.


Cyprus Grove Truffle Tremor
Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor
The classic flavor of truffle meets the velvety perfection of
ripened goat milk cheese. Earthy, elegant, and sophisticated,
it's sure to make even the most distinguished taste buds shake!
For a luxurious appetizer, enjoy a slice of Truffle Tremor with
nothing but a dry white wine.





Mezzaluna Cutters
The Cheese Department is also offering, Wooden Handled Cheese Cleavers and Mezzaluna Cutters for cutting cheese on a cheese board.

Fondue from Switzerland.  Perfect for any holiday party!!
Come by the East side Bloomingfoods and Cheese Buyer, Amber Towne, would love to give holiday cheese recommendations! She can give you the extra tips to make any cheese tray beautiful and fun!