Meatless Monday Comes To Our Hot Bars

Beginning Monday, May 16 there will be a change on Bloomingfoods hot bars each Monday:  no meat.  No meat!##!!@$@!  Why, calmer minds might ask?  Because we've decided to join Meatless Monday, a campaign launched by the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to encourage Americans to reduce their consumption of meat. The average American currently eats 45% more meat than is recommended by the USDA. By cutting our intake we can reduce our risk of cancer heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. In addition, we will reduce our carbon footprint and save precious resources such as fresh water and fossil fuels required in huge quantities to produce meat. Finally, we think it will encourage us to try some delicious new foods we might otherwise ignore.

The Meatless Monday concept, then, is a simple one. It invites us to start our week in conscious moderation, replacing on this one day the meat we would normally consume with grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes.  We're delighted to support this program, and we invite our customers to join us: it's good for the planet and good for you.

Hardcore carnivores, you'll be relieved to know that our sandwich bars will not be participating in the program, so please avail yourselves of their services for your meat fix on Mondays.