Canola or Safflower? East Store Deli Requests Your Opinion

The East store deli department is currently reviewing its baking recipes, and is giving particular scrutiny to the oils it uses.  

For many years, canola has been our primary choice. As one resource explains:  "One of the healthiest for your heart and most versatile cooking oil in use today, Canola oil is used widely by both home cooks and professional chefs alike. It's light, clear and has a mild taste, which makes it ideal for cooking, fondues, stir-frying, salads and marinades. And, yes, even baking!"  However, we are aware that "Safflower oil is also one of the best healthy cooking oils for baking, as the gentle, understated taste of safflower oil lets your other ingredients shine through."

If you have strong feelings regarding which we choose, we'd love to here from you. Please email the deli with your opinion.

Kai Bookwalter
Deli Manager