November 2013 Grocery News

Hi, everyone.

We have some great new LOCAL items to highlight this month!  In our frozen sections at the East, West and Elm Heights stores we are pleased and proud to be offering HUSK Indiana grown and processed sweet corn and green beans just in time for the holidays.  HUSK is a local food system which provides year round access to Indiana foods.  Husk farmers primarily grow Providence sweet corn—a non-GMO bi-color sweet corn variety.  Husk Sweet Corn is grown in Indiana soils and climate, ideal for a deliciously sweet sweet corn. Husk also produces Blue Lake green beans.  It’s a hardy variety that’s very popular in climates like Indiana.  The beans are delicious, too.  This plant produces a long-straight pod with great color, full bodied, and cook up nicely in a saute or just steamed.

“Ask anyone in the food business and they’ll tell you: 5000 sq. ft. is not a big processing plant.  The Husk facility is just under that.  But even though it’s small, it’s a big business. Why?  Because this is the first processing facility of its kind in this state in several decades.  Located just East of Indianapolis on Mt. Comfort Road, the Husk Processing Plant houses cutting machines, freezers, and a host of specialty equipment.  In this small facility, Husk will process over 200,000 lbs of sweet corn in just under two month’s time.  That is the crop of approximately 50 acres of Indiana farmland.  Small scale?  Yes.  A big leap for Indiana’s agriculture and economy?  Yes."

We are also pleased and proud to be offering Fermenti Artisan foods at the East, West and Elm stores!  Fermenti Artisan’s traditionally crafted, cultured vegetables and beverages focus on gastro health.  Their vegetables are naturally grown and their products are traditionally lacto-fermented in a stoneware crock for 7 – 10 days with a bacteria culture starter.  Owners, Mark Cox and Chef Joshua Henson, are Certified Healing Foods Specialist and trained chef’s working to help people understand the connection between food and health.  Fermenti Artisan owns and operates a small urban farm just north of Irvington to the east of downtown Indianapolis. The property was established as a farm in 1953 and Mark and Josh are the second owners.  They began healing the land in 2009 to grow heirloom produce and create a permanent sustainable urban farm.  The duos passion and main focus is the worldly popular nutrition principles of the Weston A. Price Foundation and the lifestyle of Slow Food.  Look for their Krauts and Kim chi on the shelves!  And, look forward to a tasting with the owners in the stores sometime in the near future!

Next on our list of new items to highlight is Hartzler’s Egg Nog! We can’t wait to try this one.  Hartzler’s milks from Ohio, in their distinctive glass bottles, have become a fast favorite with our customers and we think the Nog will be a hit as well!

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone! 
Martha Philion