Board Election Announcement

Because of Bloomington Cooperative Services (BCS), people in Bloomington and South Central Indiana will have: a market for local, organic and healthy products, meeting the needs of consumers and producers, increased cooperative ownership that strengthens the local economy and community, a model of sustainable, profitable business, and an increased understanding of the local food system and its importance. These are all incredibly valuable and are the ends to which our organization strives, and a daily part of the life of a Bloomingfoods Board Member. Would you like to be a part of guiding this thriving cooperative business into the future?

Serving on the Board of Directors puts you in direct touch with the long-term vision of our shared enterprise. Ongoing education sessions and attendance at national and regional conferences bring you information about the global cooperative economy and how BCS fits into this larger world. In collaboration with staff leadership, the Board of Directors sets the policies through which our daily operations are conducted.

Other than being a Bloomingfoods member-owner in good standing, no prior experience or professional training is required to run for the board. Necessary training will be provided to newly elected Board members.

What kind of candidate is Bloomingfoods looking for? Over the years, highly motivated and capable BOD members have set a strong precedent for leadership. We hope to continue this tradition.

Are you a conceptual thinker who can grasp the big picture? Can you work in a group to oversee a vibrant developing organization and help it articulate and achieve its end goals? While every member is eligible to serve on the Board, certain skills and abilities make for useful and satisfied directors. They include:

• Integrity, flexibility, and common sense
• Communication and group process skills
• Leadership and facilitation skills
• Ability to see the big picture
• Ability to understand financial statements (training provided to all new BOD members)
• Ability to support a group decision, regardless of personal viewpoint
• Commitment to enhance the quality of life for our community
• A desire to learn
• Understanding of the cooperative movement and Bloomingfoods history

If you possess these qualities, Board membership could be for you. Board member candidate packets are now available at all Bloomingfoods locations. Please ask at the customer service desk to receive your information packet and candidate application form. Board members will review completed applications, interview potential candidates and approve a slate to be presented to the membership for voting in the month of September. The more than 11,000 members of Bloomington Cooperative Services cast votes online or in stores by October 1st to elect leadership which will direct us all into a dynamic future.