Introducing Creating Harmony Products

Kathy Smith, Creating Harmony LLC
We will now be carrying local handmade lotions by Kathy Smith of Creating Harmony LLC, a member of Green America.  With a focus on supporting sustainable organic agriculture, she uses nutrient rich ingredients from all over the world.  Her shea butter producer in Ghana has helped transform the lives of hundreds of women from gripping poverty to self reliance.

With a keen interest in vibrational healing, Kathy uses flower essences in her creations resulting in products that simply make you “feel good” while supporting the health of your skin. Flower essences are holistic tools made from the essences of wild and domestic flowers, grasses, plants, shrubs and trees. They are not the same as essential oils and have no scent of their own. Everything on this planet has its own energy field surrounding it.  A flower essence is made by placing flowers in a bowl of water and allowing the sun to transfer the energetic imprint of the flower into the water.

A retired software engineer, Kathy is a one-woman operation — from manufacturing to web design and sales. You may have seen her green Prius driving around town with Mishka, her constant canine companion, delivering orders. But for the most part she loves to be at home.  With a gorgeous view of Jackson Creek, she creates her products in the serenity of her home, giving each batch joyful attention and often creating custom items for people with special concerns.

And always, always she’s researching how to make skin care better, greener, healthier.

These are the guiding principles of Creating Harmony:

- Customer Satisfaction. My primary focus is to provide customers with the purest, most environmentally neutral skin care and healing products possible. For that reason, Creating Harmony has a 30-day 100% unconditional money back guarantee - no questions asked.

- Health & Healing. I love providing unique and effective products that promote health and create an environment for healing both the body and the spirit.

- Support Positive Change. There are lots of things changing on our planet -- environmental and political. By putting energy behind practices that result in positive, healthy change, I believe we are supporting a kinder, gentler existence.

- Support Conscientious Suppliers. It has been a pleasure to work with people and businesses who have made it their mission to provide small businesses like mine with quality, organic ingredients.

- Inform and educate others about earth-friendly practices and show by example that a small carbon footprint can be consistent with a successful business model.

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