Dr. Bronner's Soap: Beat the Frizzy Blues

As summer is just around the corner, I know I am not the only one out there with a long mane of coif that will surely absorb as much heat and moisture as its little follicles can take.  Fine, curly hair can be serious high maintenance;  alas! waking up with a new involuntary dreadlock several mornings of the week can get tiring (no offense to all the lovely dreads I see here at Bloomingfoods!)  After personally spending a minimum of fifty to sixty dollars a month on hair product--everything from home-made remedies to Aveda binges, I have discovered the gateway to manageable, beautiful, and most importantly, healthy hair!  Dr. Bronner’s Castile Iron Soap is the true miracle worker for your tresses!  And, let’s not forget its plethora of additional environmentally friendly qualities.  

I began using Dr. Bronner’s last August on a backpacking trip with a girlfriend of mine who brought some.  We not only used it to bathe and wash our hair, it cleaned our dishes and clothes as well, all from the small bottle of concentrated magic.  Even though I had walked by the pleasing palette of Bronner’s labels countless times at work, I never thought to give it a shot--I mean, why would I when Aveda guaranteed me natural resilience with each of its necessary products, right?  

After a couple days of using Bronner’s, my hair tangled less, was silkier, and the curls pillowed among each other, all which made my hair feel like it had never experienced a trace of chemical in its life, despite the long period of time I treated highlights like they were the very life blood keeping me alive.  Of course, my follicular improvement is not strictly due to this topical miracle; there are internal commitments, such as taking fish oil a few times a week and plenty of Vitamin C.  

It is a common misconception that physical beauty, specifically in skin, hair and teeth, is achieved solely with topical agents, everything from make-up to prescription strength eye cream.  These products don’t create a healthy, and therefore, beautiful demeanor. That is our individual responsibility.  They merely promote the work you put into yourself, regardless of age.  My mother always told me that if my hair, teeth, and nails were always healthy, I was golden, and as I grow older this statement proves more and more valid.  

I hope this little blip can at least shed some light on a shaggy dilemma for those who are debating either tolerating the frizz this summer or cutting it off to avoid the hassle.  Dr. Bronner’s will be your perfect catalyst to the defeat of humidity stricken summer hair!

Anna McFadden
Downtown Store