Elm Heights Meat News

Summer is here! Grills are out, yards are mowed (maybe) and the beer is cold (hopefully). Is there a better time to be out in the backyard, drinking a cold beverage and grilling a well-marbled ribeye steak? I think not. Here a couple of suggestions to get your grill on...

First, come check out the Elm Heights Meat Counter, where you will find all the lastest and greatest from the farms that you’ve come to know and love: Dewig, Fischer, Gunthorp, Rice’s, and the list goes on.  Dewig ribeye and sirloin steaks are particularly good. These steaks are cut for the grill. This means that the fat cap has been left on, ensuring a flavorful, even-cooked cut. Delicious!

Also, we are carrying a lamb chop from Gunthorp Farms. These chops are cut in-house and would be an excellent way to spice up dinner.

For the kids! Come check out the Dewig all-beef franks. These are great for the little ones. Made from all beef, no fillers, no preservative, no hormones, no nothin’. Just the beef! Mmmmm.

Don’t forget about the fresh seafood. We have great items that would work perfectly for the grill.  Come try some of our tilapia. Doctor it up or just throw it on with a little EV olive oil. You won’t be sorry. Also for those who like salmon but would like to change it up just a bit. Try the Arctic Char. This fish is a relative of salmon but it is only found in cold, fresh water. This fish grills up much like salmon, but has a bit higher of a fat content (omega-3, omega-6) so the taste is outstanding.

Josh Hermes, Meat Buyer