Earth Day Energy Event at Crestmont

Generosity Fuels Earth Day energy Event at Crestmont
by Darcy Harvey

On Earth Day 2008, Bloomingfoods employee Darcy Harvey and IU student Chris Mills handed out 500 Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) light bulbs, reusable bags and energy saving tips to residents of the Crestmont neighborhood.

"People came from homes across the street to homes from around the block, and we were also able to arrange for Joe McGibbon to deliver CFLs on his bicycle to folks who were unable to leave their homes. Many of the bulbs donated were from YOU - Bloomingfoods shoppers - given during Energy Awareness Month last October," Darcy explained.

"People came outside on such a warm and sunny day, gathered around our table, conversed and told stories, then went back to their homes and immediately told their friends and neighbors to come pick up their free CFLs. It was not simply a CFL giveaway, but a beautiful demonstration of community," said Mills of the Earth Day event.