Customer Appreciation Day

Save more money on our annual Member and Customer Appreciation day!

ImageIt’s always a bit loco on MAD CAD Day, our anniversary celebration in July when we show our appreciation for member-owners and customers. Held on Saturday, July 17 this year, it’s an additional Member-Owner Day, with an extra 5% discount for everyone. That translates to a one-day 10% discount on purchases for member-owners, and a 5% discount for other customers. And here’s a tip: if you haven’t yet joined the co-op, you can recoup a nice chunk of your $90 equity share cost just by joining now and shopping on MAD CAD Day.

But wait: there’s more. In the past we’ve offered up 30+ local specials, to mark the number of years we’ve been open since 1976. This year we decided: what the heck – everything local should be on sale! You’ll see an extra 10% off all of the many local items we carry: from fresh produce to local meats, dairy, bulk, grocery and cheese. There’s an extra 10% off local items in the garden center, too.

We love all the great local products we have available in the store and this is a great opportunity to showcase all the dedicated local vendors who sell their products at the co-op. Look for the signs advertising local specials and come prepared to meet some of the our providers who will be on hand at both the East and Near West Side locations.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 17 and join the fun on MAD CAD Day 2010. The stores will be hopping, the aisles will be rocking, and the locavores will be having a field day!