Needmore Oatcakes Gets a New Kitchen

ImageEver wonder where those delicious Needmore Oatcakes come from?  Here's the story.

 Local entrepreneur Susan Myers, owner/operator of Needmore Oatcakes is pleased to announce a recent milestone in the growth of her business.  In March, Susan moved her oatcake operations to a newly constructed commercial kitchen facility at her and her husband’s bamboo farm in Brown County.  Each and every oatcake is now lovingly hand-made in Needmore!

This move marks a big step forward as Myers’ business approaches its four-year anniversary.  “When I started making oatcakes in September of 2004 it was a much smaller endeavor, with Bloomingfoods as my sole customer for the first few months.” Myers says.  Now Needmore Oatcakes serves four businesses in Monroe and Brown Counties and one in Indianapolis.  “I’m pleased with the growth of my company,” Myers says, “and the move from being a renter to being an owner represents a strengthening of the business.  Bloomingfoods remains by far my largest customer and I could not have made this move without the wonderful support I’ve received from the co-op community!”

Needmore Oatcakes are available at all three Bloomingfoods locations and come in four delicious flavors; Date, Ginger-Almond, Cranberry -Orange, and Chocolate-Chip Walnut.  Susan says she looks forward to providing a quality, hand crafted product to the Bloomington community for a long time to come.