Ferrol Johnson of Abundant Harvest Farms

Abundant Harvest Farms is a local green business established in Bloomington in 2009. Its owner, Ferrol Johnson, is driven by the mission of making organic gardening easy to understand and affordable for everyone. Using his father’s recipes, Johnson has developed a high yield, high performance urban organic gardening system. Abundant Harvest Farms is a supporter of the Local Growers’ Guild. “Chemical fertilizers, lawn treatments and pesticides are destroying our fragile soil ecosystem,” Johnson explains. “We can reverse this trend and help heal our planet by becoming stewards of the soil.” Johnson does this without the use of chemical fertilizers.


Ferrol Johnson in his garden.New this spring, Johnson has partnered with the co-op to build an urban organic vegetable garden in front of the East store. The Bloomingfoods garden will be used to help raise awareness of the importance of growing your own chemical-free food, and to show how easy it is to become an urban organic gardener. The Bloomingfoods garden includes a compost system to recycle vegetable waste created by the store. Vegetables and herbs will be used by the East store deli, and we are Planting a Row for the Hungry, too, as part of that community service project.

All Bloomingfoods locations carry Abundant Harvest Farms all purpose organic plant and garden food, designed to enhance the soil naturally. AHF Vegetable Mix can be added to gardens or container plants to improve soil fertility and increase yields. The formula is a balanced mix of slow release organic amendments. All three major nutrients are represented (NPK), in addition to trace minerals. Vegetable Mix comes in a 2.7lb compostable box, with enough product to cover 50 square feet of soil. The cost is $10.95.

“When soil is tended responsibly, gardens can yield an abundance of healthy and delicious crops for generations to come,” says Johnson. “Our motto is: Why lose another growing season? You deserve an abundant harvest!”