Grocery happenings at the East Store - June 2008

New Products include:
Maple Syrups from Burton’s Maplewood Farm in Medora, IN.     
Vermont Bake Shop granolas – three flavors produced in Manchester Center, VT

Upcoming Event (reminder):
It is with great pleasure and almost no remorse that we inform our shoppers of an upcoming change at the East Store.  Now, use your imagination…

We call it the “coffin.”  It’s where we stock our frozen meats and fish.  And, this summer we’re getting rid of it!  In its place we’ll be installing a new freezer unit a new fresh meat and fresh fish case.  Things are changing for the better, folks!  This is something we’ve wanted for a looong time.  We’re looking forward to new equipment, new products, better merchandising, all in all, a better experience and more choices for you.  Again, please give us some feedback on what new products you’d like to see.  The new equipment will be installed the week of June 22 with some organized chaos going on that week and the week prior.  We’ll do our best to keep the disruption to a minimum.

Thanks for your patience during this process!
Martha Philion