Organic Beer Follow-up: Butte Creek’s 100 Percent Organic Beers

ImageGreetings to all from the Near West Side Grocery!  I am posting today to let you know about three more 100% organic beers.  If you saw my February blog entry (“We’re Hoppin’ Mad” ) you’ll remember that the FDA allows beers to be labeled and sold as organic while being produced with non-organic hops.  There are not enough organic hops currently grown to satisfy the needs of large-production organic beers and the cost of organic hops prohibits many smaller producers from using all or even

any organic hops.  So, whether it’s a multi-national brewer looking to cut corners or an independent craft brewer trying to keep their operation solvent (should I use the word solvent in an article about organic beer?), most brewers opt to use non-organic hops in their “organic” beer.

Thus, in my quest to find beers that are 100% organic by common-sense standards (rather than governmental standards) I found only one domestic beer guaranteed to be made from all organic ingredients, including the all-important hop.  That beer was Lakefront Brewing’s Organic ESB , a very fine beer and perfect for spring and summer fans of crisp, malty ales.  Just recently I have found three more 100% organic beers—Butte Creek Pale, Porter, and India Pale Ale.  These beers are available at the Near West Side Grocery for $10.99 per 6pack and they are delicious!  As with nearly everything organic, the cleanness and freshness of unadulterated inputs leads to a purity of flavor unrivaled by non-organic products.  If you like these styles of beer, or seek organic options for your summer quaffing, please try these wonderful beers.

Jason Hill, Near West Side Store Manager, Beer and Wine Buyer