Customer Suggestions at the New Store

ImageAs the comment cards have come rolling in I have been sorting them into categories. Some go into department categories, meaning that the grocery people know they have to find more space for cold drinks, the café people are looking for more chairs, the customer service team has placed an even bigger “10 items or less, please” sign on the front register, etc. Some of the comments are congratulatory, “It’s so exciting and beautiful,” (why thank you, we think so too!). Some are not so congratulatory. A few are things that I’m sure the writer would never say to his or her mother, not for any money.

Most comments have been constructive, well-thought, and absolutely right. It is a joy to have such thoughtful and caring customers, be they members or just friends.

Once in a while I get a laugh, like when one person doesn’t like the block chips in the chocolate chip cookies and the next one (the very next card in the stack, I swear it) loves them. Clearly we have some tightrope walking to do in the weeks and months ahead.

This week we begin the process of answering by phone or email those comments which came with contact information. I had the privilege of answering some this afternoon. Tomorrow I shall pass out stacks of comment cards to the department managers so that they can each get going on replying to all of you fine folks who were kind enough or brave claim your comment and invite a response. That being said, a few themes have emerged immediately, and these are the things we have at the top of our list:

1) More seating outside. If anyone has an idea where we can find something close to the style of chair we already have, please contact me (Jason Hill) at the store. I’d like both aesthetics and expediency to be served, but if one of them has to win out we’ll go for the miss-matched chairs.
2) Staying outside, we’ll also put a nice sturdy trash can with a cover out on the front patio.
3) The railings for the front steps have been ordered since before we opened and I thank all of you for your patience as we await their arrival. In fact, if you have any patience to lend….
4) The Tao dressing will return, at a time yet to be named but not far in the future.
5) The bathrooms will get hooks for hanging purses or coats and the toilet paper dispensers will be hung a bit higher, thus lessening the chance of spraining a wrist while trying to get the TP.
6) We are going to run more power along the Sixth Street wall by the coffee station, allowing us to install an iced tea machine and an ice dispenser. Maybe even a soda fountain dispensing Blue Sky drinks or something, if there is such a thing.
7) This is the last one I’ll list, but believe me it’s not last on any list: We will continue to find more places to stock cold beverages in single-serve sizes.

That’s it for now. I’m gonna go play on the forklift. Here’s wishing you all good health, good times, and good friends.