November News from the Kirkwood Store


Hi, Everyone.

Things are booming in the old mother ship in the alley off Kirkwood. If you haven't been in for a while, you owe it to yourself to do so. We believe you'll be very pleased by all the changes.

Hues & Brews Products Come With Free Soup

We're really happy with our new line of Hues & Brews tea and coffee mugs, pots, and accessories. You'll find them located along the stairs. And, with every Hues & Brews mug you buy, you'll receive a FREE 8 oz cup of soup.

Deli and Salad Bar Growing 
The deli and salad bar, meanwhile, just keep evolving, with new sandwiches and salad items being added daily. You'll also find hot, mulled Musgrave apple cider and Equal Exchange Decadent Hot Chocolate available by the cup on the coffee/baker table. And please note: you can now buy sliced deli meats and Swissland local (Berne) cheese from the deli.

We hope you appreciate our dedication to local and organic products; we're very proud to report that our salad bar and deli currently support such local vendors as:

  • Brown County Coffee
  • Phoenix Farms
  • Local Folks Foods
  • Swissland
  • Fischer Farms
  • Pat's Gnawbone Sorghum Mill
  • Capriole
  • Sandy Rhoads Greens
  • Swiss Connection
  • The Bakehouse
  • Farmers Market Vendors


P6 Program 
Finally, our P6 and staff picks signs are up, guiding you to our favorite products produced by small, local, and/or cooperatively owned businesses! You may or may not have heard about our new P6 program, so if you have any questions, please ask our staff to give you a run-down.