Around Town

Lotus and the Power of Pattern

The Lotus Education and Arts Foundation’s spring 2013 arts outreach project is called “The Power of Pattern.” It focuses on the universal human endeavor to create symbols that embody ideas and ideals, transmit practical information, shape identity, create art, and build community.

Earlier this year, we invited individuals and organizations to create symbols for the project, which will result in a new stage backdrop for the Buskirk-Chumley Theater at the 20th Lotus World Music and Arts Festival this September.

At the Lotus Blossoms Bazaar on March 23, you'll have a chance to add color to a canvas panel printed with designs for the Power of Pattern. Here is a detail from one of the prototype panels for the Power of Pattern.


Landscaping at Our Stores

Bloom where you are planted! It's a bit of advice that seems especially fitting in our town. We've taken it to heart, and pay special attention to the landscaping around our stores.

Here's a glimpse of one of the gardens at the West Sixth Street store (maintained by Todd Baker of Brown Co.) also known as the Near West Side location, named for the nearby NWS neighborhood.

Many thanks to Ferrol Johnson of Abundant Harvest Farms for the small garden in the trough. Ferrol has also planted donated gardens at fire stations in Bloomington. Listen here to an interview about the project at community radio station WFHB.