Lotus and the Power of Pattern

The Lotus Education and Arts Foundation’s spring 2013 arts outreach project is called “The Power of Pattern.” It focuses on the universal human endeavor to create symbols that embody ideas and ideals, transmit practical information, shape identity, create art, and build community.

Earlier this year, we invited individuals and organizations to create symbols for the project, which will result in a new stage backdrop for the Buskirk-Chumley Theater at the 20th Lotus World Music and Arts Festival this September.

At the Lotus Blossoms Bazaar on March 23, you'll have a chance to add color to a canvas panel printed with designs for the Power of Pattern. Here is a detail from one of the prototype panels for the Power of Pattern.

The response has exceeded our expectations: so far, we’ve gotten more than 400 submissions. They’ve come from visual artists and designers, from elementary and high school art classes, from organizations and businesses, and from many creative people across the community. One of the first submissions was from a designer who lives in Bulgaria.

We catalogue all design submissions and then decide which ones will work best as carved blocks. I’m leading a small team of carvers in that process. The last two months have been packed with carving and printing prototypes, working out processes and troubleshooting.

The first stage of our Power of Pattern project finishes up at the Lotus Blossoms Bazaar, where we’ll invite the public to work on canvas panels printed with designs created by Stone Belt artists and by young people from across the community, adding color to the block-print designs.

What’s ahead for Power of Pattern in the spring? More symbols to carve, and about 175 yards of canvas to print with layers of pattern. To submit your own designs for Lotus’s Power of Pattern, visit the Lotus website for details.

Here is an image of young artists at the Boys and Girls Club, creating Power of Pattern designs.

Design from a Girls, Inc. artist, carved into a block for printing.






At a Mathers Museum workshop, more than 20 people helped print a dense design using carved blocks based on designs submitted to the Power of Pattern project.