Now Offering Beer and Wine at Elm Heights

Attention Bloomingfoods Shoppers, Elm Heights has a beer and wine department.  It’s true.

For the last few weeks we have been filling the shelves and dialing in the selection. We began with a top sellers list from the other two locations that already sell beer and wine (East and Near West Side). Right after that first filling of the shelves we began building out from there. While we are not able to offer quite as many options as we can at the other stores, we are committed to offering a similar range of selections. This means that when it comes to value for money, local, regional, organic, or international interest you should be able to find the beer or wine that suits your particular meal, event, or occasion.

We have already received and accommodated many suggestions, so please keep them coming. We have room for a few more new items, especially on the wine side. Of course, just as at our other locations, we will also keep the set fresh, adjusting the inventory periodically as the seasons change and as we discover new values to offer you!

Jason Hill, wine buyer