Share the Harvest

This November, Bloomingfoods is partnering with Mother Hubbard's Cupboard to host the 10th annual "Share the Harvest Campaign. Proceeds will provide healthy, fresh food to people in need. Every dollar will mean 10 more pounds of food going to families in need.

There are THREE ways to give when you are in any of our stores: 1. Add a donation to your transaction total. 2. Donate your spare change. 3. Write a check to MHC. Just tell your cashier you want to make a contribution when you are in the store!

This November, Bloomingfoods will host the 10th annual “Share the Harvest” campaign for Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard (MHC). During the campaign, Bloomingfoods customers can add a donation to their total when purchasing groceries by giving spare change, or writing a check at the register. All the funds raised through the campaign will help to provide healthy, nutritious food for folks in need. Every dollar donated helps MHC acquire 10 pounds of food!

Funds raised through “Share the Harvest” at Bloomingfoods will play an important role in helping MHC provide enough food for families throughout the holiday season. The “Share the Harvest” campaign is especially important this year, as MHC’s services have risen by 36% since tripling pantry open hours in June. In the first four months at the new facility, 1,700 new patrons have accessed the pantry for the first time. Every week, MHC serves over 3,000 individuals, one-third of whom are children.

This year’s goal for the campaign is $6,000, which would mean 60,000 pounds of food for folks in need. “Share the Harvest is a powerful show of community support because while individual gifts may only be $1 or $5, together they help keep the pantry fully stocked for a whole month,” says Amanda Nickey, MHC President and CEO.

When Bloomingfoods customers make a gift, they can write their name on a paper vegetable. These vegetables, which are hand-cut by MHC volunteers, will decorate the walls of all Bloomingfoods locations during the month of November.

Many thanks to all the coop members who came out to the Fall Truckload Sale and bought a little extra for MHC or donated at the registers!  Our patrons have been thrilled to select healthy items from the 573 pounds of food you donated.

For more information about MHC programs, or if you would like to get involved visit