Sensory Shopping

You can do so many things online these days, nearly everything in the world seems only the touch of a screen away.  But, so far, we have not been able to replace our need to feel textures and temperatures nor to taste and sniff our objects of desire on screen.  Perhaps it is in this era that our co-op grocery has an advantage.

If you take the time, you can meander down the aisles, smelling, touching and sampling tastes, delighting all the senses that are neglected in the world of screens.  You might even hear the live voices of friends and decide to sit and sip while you engage in a conversation longer than a Facebook message.

Keeping in touch is not only about updating information, it is a mandate for satisfying all of your senses.  Our eyes and ears are often overloaded with media input, but our hands and mouths may not be bringing in the kind of nourishment that keeps us not just physically healthy, but emotionally healthy as well.

With our amazing technology, we have plenty of delightful eye candy.  Photos of delicious foods invite us to come on down, try a new recipe, engage in a feast for all the senses.  Sure, you can rush through shopping, list in hand, efficiently gathering supplies, but what if you thought of shopping as a sensuous experience?  Come on in to one of our small, intimate stores, take a deep breath, look around, say hello.  Pick up one of our frequent samples that await your tasting.  See if there is someone with whom you might share a kind word.  Listen.  Attend to the moment.  Often, there is a customer who needs help finding something and would appreciate your guidance.

Back home or at the office, we can type messages to people on the other side of the world, and the messages most of us like to share are about our real life experiences, the experiences of our senses.  Good weather, good coffee, vacations, family interactions, feelings about life – these are the multi-sensory incidents that we claim as our real life.

At its core, a co-op is a business founded by people who want to enrich their own lives by being involved with others who share mutual goals.  It is about people helping each other by staying aware of each other's needs.  It is about maintaining connection more than it is about money.

It is easy to forget to make that connection when your life is busy and responsibilities loom large.  It is at just such challenging times, however, in which most co-ops have been started.  We share a common purpose.  Thank you for remembering that this purpose is to benefit each other.  Our BCS member-owners do this well.  Next time you are in the store, open all of your senses and enjoy the experience.

Carol Bridges
for the Board of Directors