New East Store Cheeses for Valentine's Day

The Cheese Department on the East side will be carrying some NEW cheese just in time for Valentine's Day!

- French Cow's milk, usually in the shape of a disc with white, bloomy edible rind. It is smaller and thicker than Brie but otherwise possesses all the characteristics of a Brie, with a similar buttery colour and supple texture, with perhaps a nuttier flavour.

Mini Coeurs mon Chevri
- little hearts from the Périgord region,flavoured with ginger and cranberries. A charming way to say I love you.
Atout Coeur
- Soft cheese speciality from Burgundy. Slightly ripened with a thin mould rind.
It has a smooth consistency and a mild, creamy taste. What’s special about this
cheese is that it is enriched with unsatured Omega 3 fatty acids. The Atout Coeur cheese combines healthy and delicious with cheese tradition.

Coer du Berry & Coeur du Berry Cendre
- small goats milk hearts, plain and ashed
Delice des Cremiers
- Rich cow's milk, buttery and soft with a little salty tang on the finish, a result of the bloomy rind. Made with cream, double cream and crème fraiche. This cheese is so soft and velvety that it melts on your tongue and is just plain fantastic. Some people will detect a bit of sour edge but it is so balanced by the creamy sweetness you want to go back for more.
(Cheese Buyer's Favorite!!)
- Caprino Cremosa is a small fresh, creamy and uncured goat milk button.  This one is sprinkled with black truffles for festive appeal and an earthy flavor and fragrant truffle overtone. This cheese is made artisanally in Piedmont. This is very popular for cheese trays or for entertaining.