Delicious New Cheeses at East Store

The East Store is delighted to announce that we now have in stock some delicious new cheeses. Consider:

ImageIstara’s P’Tit Basque
This sheep's milk cheese may be small in stature, but it’s a terrific cheese. It is sweet and salty and pleasant on the tongue. As it melts it leaves a nice after taste.  P’tit Basque is aged only about seventy days. It has a more yellow paste and lacks the complexity of its older, more mature “cousins”. It might be thought of as a “gateway” cheese…to introduce you to sheep cheese before graduating to the more flavorful and 'sheepy" Manchego.
Wine Pairings: Bordeaux, Amontillado, Chateauneuf de Pape
Beer Pairings: Amber ales, Pilsner

ImageTuma Trifulera
Made from sheep and cow’s milk, good, simple and rustic, slightly aged with a soft consistency.  Its most unique quality is in how it is aged, according to old traditions in a tuff cantina where the constant ideal temperature is maintained only by the thick stone walls. After being salted, each form is placed on cheesecloth. This natural fiber very slowly absorbs only the excess humidity, leaving the cheese its
natural softness. The Tuma Trifulera follows a similar procedure but is made more precious with the addition of large pieces of black truffle from Alba.




ImageIl Caprino Cremosa with Truffles
The name of this cheese derives from the Italian word for goat, capra. With modern methods of production the cheese is made from cow's milk as well or a combination of both cow's milk and goat's milk. These small, button shaped cheeses are produced in the Piemonte region of Italy. The cheese has the texture of cream cheese. The addition of black truffle saturates the fresh, milky cheese with further flavor.

ImageTruffle Noire Gouda
This dutch gouda cheese in combination with a melange of black Italian summer truffles gives this creamy cheese a special, rich and
exclusive flavor.




ImageIrish Daru
Darú is a beautifully balanced handcrafted farmstead cheese with a natural rind and long finish. It has a texture of cheddar with slight hints of lemon. It is a semi hard cheese made with pasteurised cow’s milk from the herd of the Maher family in the heart of Tipperary where the
pastures are fresh and green. Vegetarian rennet is used in the production of this cheese and therefore it is suitable for vegetarians.



Coulommiers is a member of the Brie family hailing from the "land of Brie," about 40 miles east of Paris. It is smaller and thicker than the more typical Brie-style cheeses, and some say that Coulommiers is the predecessor of Brie. The Coulommiers we select for Artisanal Premium Cheese is the color of fresh churned butter with a supple paste and well-developed rind. Along with its soft mushroomy flavors is a hint of sweet almonds in the winter months and a whiff of chives in spring.
Wine Pairings: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, or even Merlot.


Covered in a bloomy white mold, this aged, french, chalky goat's cheese slowly transforms during ripening. The edges become glossy and runny while the center remains chalky until ripened. The full sharp flavor softens with age. It makes for an excellent choice on your next cheese tray.



Amber Towne
Cheese Buyer
Bloomingfoods Market and Deli