Smoking Goose Meatery and Wild Alaska Salmon

We are pleased to introduce products from Smoking Goose Meatery, producers of handcrafted, flavor-packed protein treats. From their Indianapolis meat locker, Smoking Goose makes both traditional and unique carnivorous concoctions, including slow-cured and smoked meats, salumi and fresh sausages.

Here is what the artisans at Smoking Goose have to say: “We only cure and smoke the meat from healthy animals raised on independent Indiana farms by people who care as much about the well being of the animals and the land as they do their own families. By taking the time to use traditional methods like seam butchering each animal, hand tying every piece, and curing without additional compound nitrates, we tend to every product with the same mindset: respect nature, honor tradition, and get hungry.”

We currently offer Smoking Goose beef pastrami, lamb bacon, tasso, merguez-cased sausage, and duck pear sausage. You can pre-order Smoking Goose Meatery Ham for Thanksgiving, too: it’s a fresh boneless city ham, at $7.59lb.

Also, in the meat department, we’re pleased to have delicious sockeye salmon from Wild Alaska Salmon. These fish were caught, processed, and hand filleted by the East store’s own Josh Hermes, who spent part of this past summer as a salmon fisherman in Alaska. Speak with Josh to learn all about this wonderful fish.