Our Mission

ImageBloomingfoods promotes healthy, high quality, sustainable and environmentally sound products at a fair price. Our commitment to sustainable agriculture, artisanal producers of local products and delicious regional foods are a few of the things that set us apart.
Our purpose and mission as stated in our Bylaws, Article II, Section 2.1:  As more fully stated in its Articles of Amendment, the purposes of the Co-op are: to promote and encourage interest in the local growing of food crops and to provide for the consumers of Southern Indiana locally grown, nutritious and non-chemically produced foodstuffs; to educate the community to the economic, social and other beneficial values inherent in organizing community services, and in offering locally produced consumer goods and foodstuffs; and to help provide low cost food and consumer services to the indigent members of the Co-op and to the local community as a whole whenever possible.  A further mission of the Co-op is to foster a healthy and sustainable future through the development of community based cooperative businesses.  The Co-op shall at all times be operated on a cooperative basis for the mutual benefit of its members.