Holiday Duck and Ham


BELL & EVANS WHOLE YOUNG DUCKLING - Frozen, 6-8 lbs $4.29/lb ON SALE FOR $3.89/LB

A pioneer in the natural foods market, Bell & Evans has been providing high quality poultry to customers since the 1890s. Bell & Evans is part of a network of family owned companies that includes growers, feed producers, and hatchery operators. For those who prefer duck for the holidays, this is an excellent product from Pennsylvania Dutch country.

GUNTHORP FARMS WHOLE DUCK - Local, fresh $5.39/lb, 5-6lbs ON SALE FOR $4.99/LB


GUNTHORP FARMS BONELESS SMOKED HAM - Local, fresh $6.79/lb, 5-6lbs ON SALE FOR $6.19/LB

Raising purebred Durocs in virtually the same manner as the past 4 generations of Gunthorps, these pigs are raised “farrow to finish” on pasture. While on pasture, the pigs also receive a vegetarian diet of corn, soybeans, and Hubbard’s Homestead vitamin & mineral mix. Read more on their website.


Garrett County Farms produces all natural, minimally processed ham, 100% free of nitrates, nitrites, antibiotics, hormones, preservatives and artificial ingredients.

Black Forest Nugget Ham - $12.99 each ON SALE FOR $11.99

Black Forest Deli Ham - $6.89/lb ON SALE FOR $6.49/LB

Virginia Buffet Deli Ham - $6.89/lb ON SALE FOR $6.49/LB

Semi-Boneless Half Spiral Glazed Ham - $6.89/lb ON SALE FOR $6.49/LB

SMOKING GOOSE CITY HAM - Fresh Boneless City Half Ham, $6.99/lb ON SALE FOR $6.59/LB

*We try to make sure we have enough for everyone, but all items and pricing are subject to availability and while our supplies last.