Local Grower Meeting at West 6th Street Store

On Monday, February 11, 2013, at 6pm, we are holding the 2nd in our series of Local Grower meetings in the new Community Room at our Near West Side store.

As we plan another season of purchasing fresh and local foods, our goal is to offer our customers the very best produce selection of any grocery store in our region. This means partnering with local and regional growers to offer a product that is of superior quality and freshness. As part of our commitment to local agriculture, we hope to continuously strengthen our relationships with local farmers and growers, helping bring food from the field to the store and into the homes of our shoppers.

This meeting is for both our current growers and potential new ones. It offers a chance for us to share some information about our needs and guidelines as a store, to have a discussion about the upcoming season, and to gather some information about our growers and their farms.

We are hoping to use this meeting to simplify and strengthen our procedures and systems so we are able to work most effectively with existing partners. We are always looking to extend the circle of growers we work with, bringing more local goods into Bloomingfoods. These are Principle Six products, preferred for meeting our highest values.

Grower Meeting Dates

•  Monday, January 28th at 6pm (completed)

•  Monday, February 11th at 6pm (completed)

Bloomingfoods Grower Meetings:

•  Will be held at Near West Side Community Room, through the doorway near the rear of our parking lot
•  Bloomingfoods will provide soup and salad 
•  We ask that you please RSVP either by emailing or calling Alan Simmerman @812-339-4442 ext. 118.