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DIY Food: Why Every Kid Should Learn to Garden

With Spring on the way, Eve Adamson tells us why it is important to include kids in this year's gardening efforts. 

When my two sisters and I were in first, second, and third grade respectively, my dad had a great idea. One warm May day, as the three of us stood in the grass of our big backyard watching and wondering what he was up to, he cut 15 six-foot lengths of leftover molding from our recent basement remodel, stuck them into the warming dirt of our backyard garden in three circles, and lashed the tops of each together with twine to make three “teepee” forms. Next, he tore open a packet of pole bean seeds and gave us each a small handful. He showed us how to plant them around each wooden stake, and then he watered the garden with the green garden hose, while we ran through the spray. - Keep reading at:

NCGA—The National Cooperative Grocers Association

The National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) is a business services cooperative for natural foods co-ops, including Bloomingfoods, located throughout the United States. Find a guide to NCGA food co-ops across the country here.

NCGA helps unify natural food co-ops in order to optimize operational and marketing resources, strengthen purchasing power and ultimately offer more value to natural food co-op member-owners and shoppers everywhere. Vist the NCGA's website here.


NCGA helps us bring Co+op Deals to our stores, making sure that we can compete on price, item for item, with conventional grocery stores.


NCGA recently compiled an Impact Report of food co-ops in the US. You can read about, and watch a video here.

And check out, a website sponsored by NCGA, to learn more about what's in your food. It's also a place to find natural foods recipes and talk with other co-op members around the country about sustainable food topics.